I'm Vanessa Montoya, a Product & Visual Designer who solves business problems with design.

I’ve spent the past few years designing digital products for start-ups, wearing many hats, from establishing strategies and workflows to creating ingenious solutions.


I have a Bachelor of Design in Communications Design from Emily Carr University Of Art & Design. During my studies, I interned as a Web Designer at the Berlin-based renowned agency, Edenspiekermann, where I developed a keen interest in the business aspects of the various products I worked on. This encouraged me to continue my studies; a deeper business understanding would allow me to make better strategy & design decisions. While I pursued my Master's in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology at the University of Waterloo, I learned valuable lessons as a first-time entrepreneur and throughout the program with my venture Tunefull.

I currently work as the sole UX Designer at Predictable Revenue, creating powerful internal dashboards that significantly improve company efficiency. This project is now ending, and I am looking for my next challenge.

Design Ethos

Regardless of the product, one of my guiding principles is always to make decisions informed by strategy. Products with a strong identity are the result of millions of design choices that reinforce the message; the roundness of a curve, the tone of the copy, the simplicity of the experience, all elements that come together to create an identity. Every single point of interaction sends a message. Nothing can be left to chance.

Before making design decisions, identities are informed by research, experimentation, and the overarching business strategy. The result of a thorough design process is a product that truly resonates with its audience, thoughtful and nuanced in all the right ways.