South Tyrol

Web Design
Information Architecture
Art Direction
Co-designed with
Jasmine Tate
Agata Tomaszek

This website is an interactive guide to the beautiful Austrian alpine region, Südtirol. My team was tasked with translating the information found in an old encyclopedic book about the region, to a more digestible web format.

The information ranged from hotel recommendations to maps for specific hiking routes. Before beginning to create the design system, we did a lot of reading to define our scope and define a clear information architecture.


Snow White


Black Olive
(text, outlines)


Light Gray
(inactive areas)


Red Riding Hood
(active buttons, logo)


Maya Blue
(climate charts)


Sunny Yellow
(climate charts)


The main concept behind the structure is that the user can navigate through the maps or illustrations. Since the information is divided first by mountain area - Stubai, Dolomites or Ötztal Alps, these are the main branches.

Once the user navigates the mountain group, they can filter between general information, activities, history and climate data.
This navigation method is interactive and visually engaging, but if the intention of the user is to jump to another section rapidly, then the hamburger menu comes into play.

Active state / Inactive state

Information Visualization

The book covered many kinds of information with varying visualization needs. When it came to complex data such as climate variation charts, we chose to use simple colors over the collage style used in the rest of the imagery.

Several activities like hiking and skiing also included more technical maps showing routes and trails. These were also adapted into a consistent non-illustrative style with clear iconography.

Image Style

During the research phase of the project I found a magazine from the 1960's about the Tyrol region. It contained some great mountain and landscape photography which we scanned and edited as content and inspiration for the website. The mountains are the real beauty of the place, which is why we created an illustration style for the maps that uses real imagery.

Having recently visited the region, I was inspired to use some of my own photography for the website as well. The image style is a combination of vintage, found photography and original shots, with consistent filters and aspect ratios.