Corporate Identity
Art Direction
Co-designed with
Patryck Grabowski
Jasmine Tate

Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst Diether Kunerth (MZKDK) is a museum for contemporary art located in Ottobeuren, Bavaria. Its namesake Diether Kunerth is a local artist and small town celebrity.

Tasked with re-creating the corporate identity of this museum, we paid a visit to the town and explored the existing branding materials and took note of their needs. During the visit some of the artists own work inspired us to come up with a much bolder and expressive identity.

Pattern System

Diether Kunerth's art often depicts nature motifs in an abstract and organic manner. His paintings have a natural rhythm of color variations and movement which laid the groundwork for the new corporate identity.

Thinking that the new identity should undoubtedly reflect the energy that visitors can experience inside the museum, I began by abstracting some shapes directly from Kunerth's paintings, and then simplifying them to work well with each other. This process created two main pattern systems which we later applied throughout the identity.

Around town

Eye-catching and intruiguing, the new identity would stand out in many places and definitely in the small town where the museum is located. Unveiling it across the town would drive more visitors in.
In this case the poster is only about the museum itself, but the format can be easily adapted to feature current exhibition work.

Print Formats

Business cards are meant to be used with different sections of the patterns, allowing for many possible variations.
Entrance tickets utilize the slice section as either a scannable code or a cut-off on admission.

On the web

The museum website uses the same angled slice as a pop-up navigation tool on the mobile version. Featured exhibits rotate through the home page upon loading.