Corporate Identity
Co-designed with
Maren Mesle

Kulturbahnhof Aalen is a newly building being constructed in Aalen, Germany. It is a cultural center at the site of an old train station which will host Musikschule Aalen (Aalen Music School), Kino am Kocher (cinema), Theatre der Stadt Aalen (Aalen City Theatre), and have facilities for other events.  Our task was to create a visual identity for the building, and then a way-finding system based on this identity. The orientation system is for inside the building as well as in the city to guide people to the location.


Larger signs of our orientation system are illuminated from behind, which allows some signage elements to have multiple purposes, such as proper lighting in an underground passage to the building, or to be seen at night in the city. Inside the building, the letters m, e, f, and t are larger and backlight to clearly denote what organization this area belongs to.

Around town

KBA aims to be a cultural hub for Aalen. Providing clear guidance for people to reach it from different parts of town is an initial key step to generating a community around it.

Exterior & Interior

A set of flags placed outside the building would hint at what goes on inside. The fourth flag is interchangeable with specific event flags.
Just inside the main entrance to the building these signs hang from the ceiling, giving visitors a quick and clear sense of direction.