Visual Direction
Chris Merck
Paolo Giannini
@Edenspiekermann GMBH

A vitamin subscription plan designed for you. Inuvia is a startup in Germany that wants to revolutionize the idea of health to be more preventative. Their products are made with ingredients that boost mitochondrial health, and provide support in three main benefit areas where customers may be lacking: Performance, Immunity and Adaptability.

Customers begin by taking a self-test, which results in a score calculating how well they perform in these areas. Then a product recommendation is made based on the result. I was involved in the initial ideation workshop, and later developed the visual language for the self-test, which takes a lifestyle illustration approach.


The self-test is a marketing and on-boarding tool to engage potential customers as well as recommend the most suitable product for them. The illustrative approach is meant to make the test engaging and to comfortable approach health topics.

The first section of the test has four categories or levels to chose from which are shown in bubbles as illustrations. The second section has statements which the user must strongly disagree, disagree, agree or strongly agree with.

Ingredient Highlights

After reviewing the test results, the user moves on to a product recommendation page. Along with highlights and explanations of the benefits, the product page contains a list of main ingredients which are also illustrated.

Ingredients are displayed in an easily digestible card format which explains what each ingredients does. The illustration style here changes into less playful organic lines, providing a more trustworthy, informational tone.
inuvia is set to launch April 2020.