Product Design, UX/UI
Corporate Identity
Co-designed with
Cassandra Grdovic

Defind is a matching & searching platform that helps architects and clients find each other based on common goals. I joined the start-up's small team of six early in the design process, and have been working on the brand identity and digital product design ever since. Defind's goal is to support clients through the unfamiliar process of finding an architect, while allowing architects to access the information they need to understand the scope of projects as they browse.

Designing the brand

Defind's look should be appealing to architects while remaining approachable to clients. The wordmark plays with the shape of a frame that is also the silhouette of a building, hinting at the platform's services.
The playful use of shapes, patterns, and color gives the platform a casual look that aligns with our goal to support and simplify clients' interactions. The typography choice is reminiscent of the New Typography of the Bauhaus.

Creating a design system

Using a token system to facilitate communication with our developer and establish workflows, we began establishing our design system. Having a library of elements allowed us to move past the wireframe stage quickly and document design decisions. However, this library is not static, it gets updated frequently as the design progresses.

A landing page for two target groups

The landing page poses the challenge of quickly getting across what we can offer to both clients and architects. In response to this challenge, the first section uses a set of statements representing goals from our different user groups. It is animated to be displaying them alongside an element of the platform that would help achieve said goal.

Searching simplified

During the early stages of this project, we conducted user research and co-design sessions with architects and clients. Those insights allowed us to create a search engine with the most relevant filters, as well as detailed project posts and architect profile pages with a clear structure of significant information.

Generating recommendations

Clients are encouraged to post their projects on the site to be able to contact architecture firms. The process requires them to gather certain information about project details that architects will need to create estimates and decide what projects to take on.
Once their project is posted, those details are compared to different available firms' expertise, generating recommendations for the client that they can reach out to. This process saves time for both architects and clients by avoiding interactions between firms and clients that aren't suitable for each other.

A powerful dashboard

The dashboard houses all ongoing projects for architects and clients, allowing both users to track their status and manage details. Once a firm and client have expressed interest in each other, they are matched and can begin using the chat to discuss the project.
Defind beta launches april 2021